Stop Managing Your Employees. Empower them with Vorlik HRM.

Automate routine HR processes. Streamline core operations. Equip your staff with the right information, at the right time, and from the right people.

Simplified Recruitment Management

A highly efficient platform to get an overview of the positions open at your organization, the pool of candidates available, the length of a hiring cycle, and more. Simplify the process and get the most qualified people for the job.

Extensive Personnel Management Features

Be in a better position to track the growth of human resource across the organization. Plan career paths, perform appraisals, award promotions and offer custom HR services to individuals based on their roles, responsibilities, and other factors.

Standardized Performance Management

Collect quantifiable data about the contributions made by each employee towards the growth of your organization using a variety of metrics built into Vorlik HRM. Identify the most valuable resources in the company, and create a more fertile environment for more productivity.

...Including Incredible Features


Applicant Tracking
Attendance Management
Employee Database
Employee Lifecycle
Management Onboarding

Payroll Management
Leave Management
Performance Appraisal
Recruiting Management

Self Service Portal
Compliance Management
HR Reporting