Vorlik & Partnersaccelerates your Enterprise
Digital Transformation process by streamlining and
simplifying your ERP Implementation.

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Agile and Speedy Implementation

Our highest priority is business empowerment with minimum disruption. With a focused agile approach, we set up a custom enterprise-wide ERP solution for your business in a series of steps, so that you can take full advantage of your ERP without facing any migration related downtime.

Research and Analysis

We always hit the bullseye when meeting our customer needs. The secret to our success? An intense focus on understanding our customer needs. We deeply understand your business processes, identify optimization potential, and develop specifications that help you realize that potential.

Risk Assessment and Scope Definition

After analyzing the various specifications and business parameters we present you with a detailed report on the risk involved in implementing the ERP solution, and a clear outline of the scope of the solution.

Vorlik accelerates your Enterprise Digital Transformation process by streamlining and simplifying your ERP Implementation.

A speedy ERP Implementation minimizes disruption, improves performance, and adds to the bottom line of the business without wasting valuable resources on the process.

Vorlik & Partners offers end-to-end ERP implementation services that take care of installation, data mapping and migration, troubleshooting, configuration, and all other aspects involved in getting the ERP package enterprise-ready for your organization.

Vorlik's comprehensive ERP support equips businesses with on-time technical, specialist, and training assistance that enables them to drive the growth of their business.

In-depth Understanding and Rigorous Brainstorming (Left Section) ERP starts with you – your business goals and how your ERP system helps you achieve them. That’s why, Vorlik kicks off the implementation project with an exhaustive and meticulous review of your business requirements from your functional experts.


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Our next step is to define the key project goals, finalize the workflows to achieve them, and the set up tangible milestones to measure progress. The milestones are intelligently established to enable you to start using the ERP’s various features and add-ons as they are implemented.


Once the ERP is set up, we will configure and tailor it to suit your business’s specific requirements. The ERP solution will be optimized to your workflows, established operational processes, and workforce needs.

Usability Enhancement

The visual, navigational, and user experience of the ERP solution will be customized to make it intuitive to use for your workforce and improve their productivity by streamlining your operations.


Your ERP solution is finally up and running. We’ll run some tests and make sure that everything is working perfectly. Our dedicated team will run an extensive battery of QA tests, and support your team to iron out any wrinkles left behind in the ERP system.

Data Migration

With the ERP system ready, the next step is to migrate all the data from your existing or previous system to the new ERP system without any delay or data loss in a way that creates minimum disruption to your operations. Switching between the two systems will be a nearly hassle-free experience.


Our technical support extends to staff training and technical training to equip your organizational users with all the knowledge and training they need to easily adapt to the new system.