A cost-effective, feature-rich, and easy-to-use inventory management software built for high growth businesses.

Vorlik Inventory Management System provides real-time visibility of inventory across the supply chain. It features built-in capabilities to streamline and automate low level processes, and make quick, accurate decisions in the case of complex processes.

Boost Workforce Productivity

Integrated automation, centralized catalogue management, and intelligent restocking capabilities eliminate inefficiencies and dramatically increase productivity.

Make Smarter Decisions

Know your bestselling products, crowd-pleasers, and low turnover products to make smart pricing and stocking decisions.

Horizontal Integration

Easy integration of your supply chain members, front and back, for easy management of incoming and outgoing inventory.

...Including Incredible Features


Inventory Overview
Warehouse Management
Transfer Management
Traceability Inventory
Forecasting Inventory Optimization

Shipping Management
Supplier Management
Cost Tracking
Custom Pricing Models
Search / Filter
Serialized Inventory Tracking
Item Management
Order Management

Procurement Management
Reorder Management
Supplier Management
SKU / UPC Codes
Supplier Availability
Lead Times