A lightning Fast Sales Software to Generate Leads, Build Relationships, and Achieve 100% Customer Satisfaction

A cloud-based sales solution that streamlines lead generation, reduces data entry, automates routine tasks, and augments your topline.

Less Managing and More Doing

Do away with non-productive tasks by automating them, and focus your efforts on mission-critical tasks that contribute to sales.

Easy to Use and Customize

An intuitive interface that is designed to be fluid smooth and simple to use for everyone, and lends itself to be personalized as per user’s preferences.

Everything That A Mobile Sales Team Needs

All the information that your sales team needs, whenever they need it, and wherever they need it. Experience Sales 2.0.

...Including Incredible Features


Sales Channel Management
Commission Management
Contact Management
Contract Management

Customer Database
Perfomance Metrics
Proposal Generation
Sales Forecasting

Referral Tracking
Field Based Security
Record Level Access