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Enterprise Resource Planning systems have a steep learning curve. To take full advantage of the ERP systems and unlock their full potential, your staff should become familiar and comfortable with the new ERP system.

Vorlik reduces intra-organizational resistance to adoption of new ERP systems by providing in-depth staff training services and enable your staff to operate at their full efficiency after the adoption of a new ERP system.


Modular and Roles-Based ERP Training to Help Your Business Realize the Full Benefits of Your ERP System

Your organization is only as efficient, productive, and skillful as your staff. Vorlik brings them up to speed with the latest features, technologies, and ERP skills, so that they are able to combine their capabilities with those of the ERP’s to contribute to your organization meaningfully.

Vorlik ERP Training services are personalized to the demographics, background, and requirement of the ERP users. Organizational users are imparted with the appropriate knowledge and skills required to perform their functional responsibilities with ease on the ERP system.


Why Take Our Services


Estrategias de entrenamiento funcional

Vorlik's functional training offers the end-users of each department in your organization the knowledge, skills, and training they need. They can then utilize the features that are most relevant to their department, be it marketing, HR, IT, or others.

Modular Training

Modular training offers customized training to cross-functional teams, whose roles span across multiple functions and departments. Vorlik's Modular Training enables them to access ERP features and tools from multiple modules seamlessly.

Technical Training

Intra-organizational ERP Technical Support offers the twin benefits of quick issue resolution and cost reduction. Vorlik's Technical Training provides advanced knowledge of your ERP system for technical users, such as the IT department, so that they are able to resolve any technical issues that you may face in the future.

Management Training

With this training, you will be able to assign roles, responsibilities, and user permissions to different ERP users in your organization, so that there are clear workflows in your organization. This training enables you to employ your Super User privileges to create efficient, and smart workflows

Administration Training

Administration training provides the ERP system administrators all the relevant information they need to perform maintenance, upkeep, and management of ERP processes. This training enables your IT staff to ensure that the ERP system is functioning at its optimum performance.

Process Documentation

Process document provides a complete picture of your ERP system, down to the smallest detail, which can come handy when there are issues, conflicts, and confusions regarding processes, missing deadlines, and so on. Process Documentation helps your staff to maintain accurate process records effectively.