An Integrated Material Management ERP Solution that Saves Time and Money

Improve procurement performance by streamlining your organization’s procurement process, reducing manual tasks, increasing policy adherence, and spending wisely. Vorlik Purchase Management Software delivers a rapid return on its investment.

Automate Procurement

Send RFQs and POs to suppliers automatically when the inventory levels hit restocking levels. Make key payments automatically.

Manage Business Rules

Set custom rules for approval workflows, purchase budgets and limits, and delivery days. Manage user permissions, empower department managers to place orders with full transparency, and configure it to your business’s needs.

Intelligent Inventory Management

Accurate forecasts of inventories from confirmed purchase orders, sales orders, and production workflows to optimize inventories and minimize inventory costs.

...Including Incredible Features


Supplier Management
Catalog Management
Contract Management

Inventory Management
Invoice Processing
Purchase Order Management

Requisitions & Approvals
Spend Management
User Role Controls